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The Band

Not Enough Jeffs (NEJ) is a rock 'n roll band that has been entertaining crowds in the Somerset Hills area over the past 10 years.  Featuring local musicians and friends who play familiar favorites from classic rock through contemporary hits, NEJ has appeared at numerous NJ and NYC music venues, restaurants, outdoor festivals, private parties, fundraisers and weddings.

The band produces a unique sound due to the variety of male and female vocalists who share lead vocals then beautifully blend on background harmonies.  Instruments include not only the typical guitars, bass, and drums, but keyboards, 2 saxophones, harmonica, and even the occasional mandolin and banjo.  The group's music, their energy, and their obvious love for playing together are contagious.

Persons of interest

Noam Shoshan - Lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, saxophone and vibraslap (yeah, look it up).


Dave Foster - The Joy of Sax, tenor and baritone.


MC Rob Simon - Every known instrument including, but not limited to: keyboards, guitar, banjo, mandolin, saxophone, bass, glockenspiel (just kidding on that one).


Marina Kontos - Lead and backing vocals, tambourine, treadmill, stairclimber, elliptical, and hot yoga


Dave "Pounder" Skolnik - The backbone, the beat, the rhythm - the man with the sticks, big cajons and more cowbell.


Jeff Steinhorn - Lead and backing vocals, filthy smokin' harmonica and bass.


Sam Strum - What else would a guy named Strum play?  Guitar and bass.  Duh.


"Scary" Gary Dean - Bass, an occasional vocal, sound lights & magic, creative media director, technical and production coordinator, guitar tech, logistics manager,  craft services, mixologist, dude with a trailer and low self-esteem counselor.






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